Saturday, May 10, 2008

Am I really 5 months old now?

Okay, since I have been so bad about posting on a regular basis I have decided to post a ton of pictures of Maddy over the past couple of weeks. She is now 5 months is crazy how time flies. She started daycare this last week on Monday and even though mommy hates it, I think Maddy likes social time with all the other babies--she is always laughing or smiling when I show up to pick her up. She is starting to teethe--I think her bottom two teeth are starting to want to come in. This means drool EVERYWHERE! She also has discovered her feet and really quite likes the taste of them. Tomorrow she gets her first taste of oatmeal...Oh boy! We have fun eating our cereal every day--even if most of it does end up on her face or her bib. Lets see...she has her first birthday party to attend to today, her friend Addison is turning 1 year old. I'll try and get pictures if I can. Well, here are the latest and greatest of my sweet baby girl...enjoy!
Playing with my balloon toy

My bug on the windshield interpretation

I look so cute in my green outfit

Check out how much I drool now

Just chillin in my swing

Enjoying my tummy time

I really love to eat my feet

I smile big like mommy

I'm really flexible now

Hmmm...are those mommy's pants?

I wonder what they taste like?

They don't taste as good as they looked