Sunday, July 6, 2008


I know I say this every month, but wow how time flies! Maddy is 7 months old tomorrow! To celebrate she has a really stuffy nose! Poor baby! Other than that though, she has figured out how to "almost" crawl and scoots herself forward and can do a 360 turn. Also, she has figured out how to jump and bounce in her fun exersaucer toy. She probably weighs close to if not over 16 lbs now (feels like 50!!!). Here are some pics of Maddy over the past couple of weeks (some in her 4th of July outfit). I put a ton of pics on here since I have actually been good about taking pictures these days.

Trying to crawl to get the duck

Getting ready to eat her apples & blueberries

Her 4th of July outfit

Sitting in her chair

Mommy & Maddy

Big yawn

Wearing her shades for the first time (notice the OH! expression on her face)