Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wow...18 months gone!

So, Maddy is officially an on the go toddler. She not only walks, she runs. She tells mama and dada "no!". She finally refers to mama as mama (dada has been dada for months now). She is hilarious. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful little girl...she has such a good personality, she is so funny. She has all of her teeth in except the top and bottom incisors. She babbles non-stop, some words we know, some are just "maddy" words. I am gonna pull a proud parent moment and say that at daycare they told us she should be bumped up to the next room up because she is so advanced as far as speech and activity...she is smart like me....ahahaha...sorry Dan! Well, enjoy the pics below, hopefully I will update sooner than every two months!
I finally made her laugh!

She is avoiding me here so she can watch TV...this is the only thing I can do with her hair and she pulls it out as soon as I put it in.

Dada felt like feeding her food with ketchup...this is what she looks like after a messy meal

Dada likes taking close-ups of her.

So cute...unfortunately she got my gap in the front teeth...cute while she's young, but...we better start saving for the dentist later on!

Driving her car (BTW, that is her fake smile)

At a bday party at a place called the little gym. She was the youngest one there, but kept up with the big kids.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

An exciting April

I can't believe April has already pretty much come and gone. Maddy had a really exciting April--her first visit with the Easter bunny (which was a flop--haha), a visit to the Dallas zoo, a visit from Grandma Keihle, and another visit from her grandma & grandpa Melo. She is pretty much on full blast these days, skipping from walking to outright running. She knows where her nose, eyes, ears, mouth, tongue, hair, belly button, and feet are. She loves yelling "Dada!" when Dan gets home from work, she says duck, dog, Daisy, door, flowers, Nana (for banana) wawa (for water), barks at dogs by saying woof!--basically just a little chatterbox (I don't know where she gets that from). Dan and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary on April 17--I included a couple of pictures from that too. Hopefully the videos I attached will work--one is Maddy at the zoo looking at a huge lizard of some sort and the other is her playing with her diaper box. Pretty funny. Well, here are the pics and enjoy!

Our 5 year anniversary

Being silly

Playing with her friend Bella

Good times with Grandma in her diaper box

Looking at the animals in the petting zoo

Getting ready for her first Easter egg hunt

Terrified of the Easter bunny--he was pretty scary, like out of a Stephen King novel

She got an egg!

Visit to the Dallas Zoo with mom, dad & Grandma

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Maddy's First visit to the Zoo!

So, keeping up with how I usually do it, I have of course not posted in a couple months--sorry about that! I have started a new job and things have been really busy. Here is a quick catch-up on what is going on with Madison. She started up daycare again at the beginning of the month (she was off for two months hanging out with her grandma Melo). And my least favorite thing about day care is...germs!!! She got sick and got an ear infection after her first week back, and now after her 10 days of antibiotics are done she is running a 102 fever for the past three days--poor baby. In better news however, in the past two months Maddy has begun walking, gone to the zoo, started facing forward in her carseat, and says "uh oh" now when she drops things. She truly is a joy to have in our are some pics of her to catch every body up.