Sunday, November 2, 2008

Maddy's First Halloween!!!

Maddy got to visit the pumpkin patch last weekend and pick out some pumpkins...she didn't seem too thrilled with it all. She got this real serious look on her face the whole time we were there....I put two pics down below of her. Also, I was bad mommy...I didn't get her a Halloween costume this year because I figured she wouldn't know any different and she would just pull it off anyways. I know, I know...bad mommy! So she wore her Halloween outfit that Grandma Cathy bought for her...she still looked pretty cute and got to participate in the Halloween parade at daycare. Just thought I would share what a scrooge street we live on...I went to Target and bought all this candy anticipating tons of trick or treaters--we didn't even get one!!! So if anyone wants any candy...come over to my house! Here's a couple of pics...enjoy!