Sunday, October 19, 2008

September & October Catch-Up

Since I have been so bad about posting I thought I would do a quick catch-up on our last two months. At the beginning of September we went to CA to visit family for a little over a week. When we got back Maddy had her 9 month appt. and she weighed 16 lb 7 oz (10th percentile) and was 27 3/4 inches long (50th percentile). Doctor said she was extremely healthy...just have a skinny little girl! Maddy has gotten her two bottom teeth in and is now getting her top four teeth in all at once (makes for little sleep for mommy & daddy). She is standing ALL the time now, she can crawl but prefers to scoot and do her land swim maneuver. She can shake her head no, clap her hands, and wave bye all on command. I can't believe how much she is growing...getting cuter every day. Here are a bunch of pics...enjoy!!!

Eating in my borrowed high chair

Me & Mommy

Playing in my bathtub at Grandpa's house

Grandpa & Maddy
Playing with measuring cups on Uncle Kris
A visit to Great Grandma Mirabell

On the bus in Santa Barbara
On the pier in Santa Barbara

Only the most amazing thing ever:

A rat on a cat on a dog

At Hearst Castle
Hearst Castle again
Squealing while mommy holds me

Getting a bath in the RV sink

Camping Maddy

Laughing while daddy carries me to the beach

10 Month old Maddy...standing!!!

Waving at mommy

Swinging on the swings with mommy

Check out my two bottom teeth (I have 4 top ones coming in too!) The 1200 lb pig at the fair
Maddy at the Texas State Fair