Saturday, August 30, 2008

Catch-Up Time

I know, I know...I have been really bad for the past month and a posts. I'll do a quick summary to catch every one up on what has been going on. At the end of July Madison had her first plane trip to go to Washington to see my family. She did wonderful on both the ride up and back. Two days after we got back Maddy cut her first tooth! Soon after came another tooth so she has her two bottom front teeth that are about halfway grown out now, and I think she is getting two or three more teeth from all the drooling and chewing she is doing. She also has begun to stand while holding on to things--they are even helping her "walk" with a walker at daycare. It was the funniest thing the first time I saw Maddy stand she was in her crib playing and I was folding laundry on her floor. I look up and see Maddy holding on to the railing smiling over at me...boy was I surprised! She is just getting more and more fun every day that passes. Here are some pics and I promise I will post more often!

Sleeping on daddy

Ready for bed

Four Generations

Mischevious Maddy

Sitting up on her own now

Look at those big eyes

Great Grandma and Maddy