Sunday, February 22, 2009

Maddy's First visit to the Zoo!

So, keeping up with how I usually do it, I have of course not posted in a couple months--sorry about that! I have started a new job and things have been really busy. Here is a quick catch-up on what is going on with Madison. She started up daycare again at the beginning of the month (she was off for two months hanging out with her grandma Melo). And my least favorite thing about day care is...germs!!! She got sick and got an ear infection after her first week back, and now after her 10 days of antibiotics are done she is running a 102 fever for the past three days--poor baby. In better news however, in the past two months Maddy has begun walking, gone to the zoo, started facing forward in her carseat, and says "uh oh" now when she drops things. She truly is a joy to have in our are some pics of her to catch every body up.

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Christi said...

Hey Molly! So glad to see your blog. Your daughter is so beautiful!!